You Loved Our Transit Vans So Much We Brought 5 More…

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Our clients have spoken and we listened.

Every time we send out our brand new transit van, we receive great reviews like, “Wow, this so cool, I can stand in here!”

Some times when our chauffeur arrives to the pick up location and greets his passengers, some of clients would be surprised and ask, “We just ordered a van, are we getting charged more for this?”.

This vehicle is not only impressive due to its size. The suspensions is so smooth it feel like its floating on a cloud. Our clients, specially when traveling in large groups, love how comfortable they are in our vans. There’s enough room to stand up, stretch your legs, and not feel cramped or claustrophobic.

Since we got nothing but positive feed back, we added 5 more brand new transit vans. These vans are ideal for:

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