Three Ways a Great Car Service Can Make Your Patients’ Day Better

Aura Car & Limo Service - Medial TransportationAura has positioned itself as a cost effective solution for non-emergency medical transportation. Over the years we have built strong and lasting relationships with surgery centers, pain management centers, dialysis centers, as well as senior living communities all throughout northern New Jersey.  We are consistently making advancements in our overall service. We are told time and time again how the patients love the transportation service because of all the little things we do.

Stress-free Transportation

We look to make our clients happy and in order to do that we must make the passengers/patients time with us as relaxing and comfortable as possible. Our drivers are trained to provide exceptional non emergency medical transportation for our clients’ patients. This includes arriving at the patience residence early and notifying them of our arrival. Our drivers are trained to greet each patient outside of his car and open the car door for the patients.  With all of the worries a patient may have, we take great pride in knowing we are providing stress-free transportation that they can rely on.


With so many procedures no allowing patients to drive themselves, many times patients may have to rely on family and friends for rides. This may cause the patients to feel like a burden at times and result in missed appointments.  This is not only costing the doctor money but it is jeopardizing the success of the treatment at times. Many patients we pick up are relieved that they do not need to rely on others for rides or have to burden any family members or friends and take time out of their days. This sense of freedom results in less missed appointments and late arrivals.

Added Sense of Value

Our passengers are by and large very impressed with our never waving professionalism. Aura’s vehicles are meticulously clean on the outside and inside. Our drivers are professionally dressed and take the extra steps needed in making every passenger feel special. This added sense of value usually results in less stressed and happier patients.

Our clients love seeing their patients arrive on time with no complaints and get picked up once they are ready to go back home. With so many options out there, we at Aura pride ourselves on being one of the best non-emergency medical transportation companies in north New Jersey. If you would like to receive more information regarding our services or would like to discuss pricing please email